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creation 2018


Artistic direction : Tomeo Vergés
Dramaturgy : Véronique Petit
With : Sandrine Maisonneuve, Alvaro Morell, Antje Schur, Denis Mariotte, Eve Coquart
Stage management and lighting : Ondine Trager
Costumes and scenography : Anaïs Heureaux

During the working process, I often ask performers to emit a silent scream. Bent on their knees, mouths wide open, face distorted, but with no sound coming out. This deaf cry is an obsession in my work. I try to express powerlessness and redefine emergency. The same question have emerged in each of my works and what is the necessity of being on stage is the question I share first with the artistic team. Fragility is at the center of the work. Being together, revealing our own weaknesses gives us strenght. The stage becomes the place where we can experience how to be together. This new work will start with this scream or cry. A cry as a burning question, perhaps a question without an answer. 

What movement ? What battle ? How does each individual respond to these questions ?

Which body, wich gesture, which dance will give it life ?


© Emilia Stéfani-Law