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Creation February 2014, 6th & 7th at the Centre des bords de Marne,
Le Perreux-sur-Marne (Paris)

Troubles du rythme  © Patrick Berger













As I thought about my grandparents’ domestic fights, I imagined this Arythmia.
I particularly remember a time when my grandfather was out every afternoon as I was living with them. A circus had just arrived in town. It was the first time we saw n act between a dancer and a lion. My grandfather, fascinated, couldn’t stop talking about it for days. He disappeared every afternoon. My grandmother suspected an affair. One day, during on of their usual fight she shouted at him
"If you cheat on me with another, you can leave."
My grandfather broke out laughing:
"You want to know what I'm doing all these afternoons ? I go to the circus ! And you know why I go to the circus? Because I don’t want to miss the day when the lion will eat the dancer! »
One day the circus left and my grandparents continued their fights.

The repetition of one of these "domestic scenes" to experiment various film processes : slow motion, acceleration, step backward, desynchronization, so many modes explored by the dancers. Arrhythmia questions the phenomenon of the repetition, the scene deconstructed through various speeds, various rhythms, giving to read narratives concealed within our movements. And the domestic scene shows itself comic, poignant or cruel.