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The company

Since its inception in 1992, The Man Drake Company has pursued work on the frontier between theater and dance, with each discipline influencing the other in a continuing state of friction. Tomeo Vergés develops this work through the company's various pieces which, though often theatrical in feel, center around the body. His performances put a new spin on everyday situations - revealing man faced with the absurdity of his world - and bring a worrying strangeness to light. Their tone might be described as surrealist or absurdist—or, in any event, off-color.

This work also finds expression in the company's educational programs, and awareness-raising events. The latter, like the company's staged works, often draw on more than one artistic discipline at a time (such as the visual arts or film), and go beyond the idea of a simple workshop or class, taking on various forms (performances, film screenings, and conferences for example).
In parallel, Man Drake develops "offstage" choreographic forms. Confronting bodies with different kinds of spaces helps give us fresh perspective, feed the imagination, and create a new poetics of the body.

1992 Chair de Poule creation La Biennale de danse de Lyon
1994 A consommer sur place creation Théâtre du petit Odéon, Paris
1996 Salto Mortal creation Festival d’Avignon
1998 Asphyxies order by Conseil Général de la Seine Saint Denis
1999 Pas de panique creation Forum culturel du Blanc Mesnil
2002 Pièce(s) détachachée(s) creation La Rose des Vents, scène nationale de Villeneuve d’Ascq
2004 R.O.T.S. creation La Rose des Vents, scène nationale de Villeneuve d’Ascq
2006 Body Time creation Festival Danse Emoi, Limoges
2008 Idiotas creation Théâtre à Châtillon
2010 Meurtres d’intérieur creation Théâtre Paul Eluard, scène conventionnée de Bezons
2012 Anatomia publica creation Théâtre de l’Espace, scène nationale de Besançon
2014 Troubles du Rythme creation Centre des Bords de Marne, Le Perreux/Marne
2015 Syndrome Amnésique avec fabulations création Centre des bords de Marne/Biennale Val de Marne